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What our customers are saying about us!

Sarah Roberts (Wellness Entreprenuer, Ottawa)

I am a BIG fan! Your products enhance my healthy lifestyle and the best part is that they are all certified organic while still being completely affordable for people. Amazing! It is wonderful to see a company put the needs of the customer first. When I am under stress, I love using the Moringa Powder. A tablespoon in water is all I need to make sure I am better able to cope with the demands of the day. Speaking of stress, I use the Ashwagandha powder in my daily morning smoothie as a way to calm my adrenals naturally and enjoy better sleep at night. And speaking of my morning smoothie, it wouldn't be complete without my Turmeric Powder and Black pepper (combining black pepper with turmeric makes the turmeric more bio-available, so I am truly reducing inflammation in my body) and the TRUE cinnamon tastes AMAZING! There is NOTHING like the taste of true cinnamon, and the price is remarkable. I spend the same amount for a tiny package at the health food store! Please keep doing what you are doing. You are helping create a healthier world and we NEED your products and philosophy in our lives. Thank you! ~Sarah Roberts, Wellness Entrepreneur

Ms.V.Cardenas (Quebec)

"After many years of trying different products to improve our digestion, we were told to try Psyllium Husk powder so we started trying different brands, we tried some with flavors which we did not like, with tried others which were not so natural until one day we came out with Rootalive and we were so pleased because it is very effective, in fact we only used half of the recommended amount and the results were amazing. Most of brands we tried do not dissolve well and is not pleasant to drink the beverage when is too thick but yours dissolves very well and it does not have a bad taste. It has been already 1 year since we started using it and we have not had any problems at all, we do not have to increase the dosage as it happens with other brands, so we are very happy with the product and we really recommend it"

Arturo Lara (Montreal, QC)

I just wanted to let you know that I tried your product: Psyllium Husk Powder and I am very satisfied with it! It is a great product and has in a way change my life thanks to its benefits. Thank you!

Sophie Lapierre (St-Sauveur, QC)

Thank you so much for my hamper's products that I win ! They are so amazing ! I have to say that I don't particularly like coconut oil but this coconut butter taste like heaven ! My daughter and I put some on bagel and eat it just like that and it's so yummy !! The green tea is really good too and for the turmeric powder I'm just putting a little amount in most of my recipes so I'm having a good use of my precious prize, thank you again Rootalive Inc. !